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Will Preparation:
If you have a question about preparing your Last Will and Testament, go to our contact page and ask away.

Question: Do I need a Notary Public to make my will?
Answer: No, but wills are a complicated creature and you cannot be certain that you have covered all of your bases without seeking proper legal advice.

Question: What's the difference between hiring a lawyer and hiring a notary to draft my will?
Answer: Pursuant to the Notaries Act, notaries are restricted to drafting wills:

(i) by which the testator directs the testator's estate to be distributed immediately on death,
(ii) that provide that if the beneficiaries named in the will predecease the testator, there is a gift over to alternative beneficiaries vesting immediately on the death of the testator, or
(iii) that provide for the assets of the deceased to vest in the beneficiary or beneficiaries as members of a class not later than the date when the beneficiary or beneficiaries or the youngest of the class attains majority
This means that if you wish to leave money "in trust" for someone over the age of 19 years, or a class of people whose youngest member is over the age of 19, you will have to see a lawyer.

Real Estate:

If you have a question about your upcoming real estate transaction, go to our contact page and ask away.

Question: What is the difference between owning a property in "Joint Tenancy" versus "Tenancy in Common"?
Answer: What makes joint tenancy unique from tenancy in common is that a joint tenant has a right of survivorship. Survivorship rights mean that when one of the owners dies, the property shares of the deceased automatically goes to the surviving owner(s). The deceased does not pass the property on to his or her heirs. If I choose to enter a joint tenancy with a friend, my family will not inherit interest in that property upon my demise. This also means that my estate won't pay probate on the property.

Powers of Attorney:
If you have a question about Powers of Attorney, go to our contact page and ask away.

Question: Why do I need a Power of Attorney?
Answer: Giving someone a Power of Attorney allows them to manage your financial and legal affairs for you, should you become incapable. This is an important document to have as the alternative is a costly and time-consuming committeeship that must be done through a court process.

Question: Does having a Power of Attorney give my Attorney the right to make medical decisions on my behalf?
Answer: No, that is a separate document called a Representation Agreement. A Power of Attorney is strictly for financial and legal powers.

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